Drinking Salted Water

I was recently introduced to the idea of drinking lightly salted water, by a friend. He said that drinking an equivalent of one spoon of seawater, in a diluted form through the day was a good idea. If you are not close to the sea, a good quality salt should do. Pink salt supposedly reduces body temperature, and sea salt raises it, I strongly advise against regular table salt for any application.

I did some googleling on the subject, and I was supprized to see that all the cautionary websites only talk about the dangers of drinking pure seawater, and although they admit that the dangers are based on dosage dependent mechanisms, they offer nothing on drinking water that is less saline then our body. Here’s an example:


The link is listed under science vs myths, but it seems like an attempt to misuse science to create a myth. The argument says that sea water is four times saltier then our body, so osmosis starts pulling water out of our cells. I have no problem, but what happens when it is diluted to less salty then our body? Its ignored, thus the advice is useless for evaluating or arguing with alternative health proponents who claim to feel great when adding a little salt. On the other hand those who promote drinking salt water remain equally vague on dosage, claiming that if one uses a good quality salt the body will tell you when you have had enough. Neither of these approaches satisfies me.

In wikipedia it says that the average salinity of seawater is 35 grams/L, since sea water is four times saltier then our body, they suggest that the quantity needed to reverse osmosis is under 9 grams/L. One spoonful of seawater a day does not come close, whatever type of spoon we are talking about. The wikipedia page on seawater lists multiple examples of people who were forced to varying strategies, consuming much higher quantities then theoretically possible. These people have been criticized  but no alternative theories on how they survived have been offered.

As a slight side note, many of the sites warning on the dangers of seawater talked about it leading to low blood pressure, while every resource I found presents table salt increasing blood pressure. This is something I have heard alternative health people talk about, and defiantly something I want to look into.

All of this is significant to me from the perspective of mineralisation, which I will post on next.

Living in a big city I have chosen to try adding about a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt to a 1.5L bottle of water, and drinking a couple of those a day. I will update the post if I feel anything worth noticing. After a single day I must say I can’t notice any difference.


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