Health by Stealth

  Demand for healthy food for children is skyrocketing among parents. Creative ways to hide healthy ingredients are entering the market. Being a parent myself, I must admit I have often compromised the quality of my own meal, so i could let my child get her extra omega threes or more organics.

 I have been quite dissapointeed in the corporate approach to health food. The root problem is in the corporate approach to product design, specifically in the way quality is defined (quality in product design means only giving what is appreciated and understood, everything else is waste), so kellog’s would make a bad product if the iron in corn flakes were bio available, since the customers are not wise enough to appreciate the difference. There would be no more perceived value, but an increase of price, resulting in a ‘lower quality product’. Quality means something different for us as consumers, for product designers and in the manufacturing process. Its worth understanding these differences as a consumer.

The other day on was an ingenious sippy-cup design that contained a hidden compartment near the lid to put liquid medication. It mixes in unobtrusively with a child’s beverage to help parents avoid one potential battleground with their children in the quest to stay healthy.

For years now, food formulators have employed stealth options for hiding nutrients or better-for-you ingredients in children’s snacks, meals and beverages. New ingredients, methods and technologies have made this task easier, and this leads to healthier food options at retail and in the school lunch line.


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