Botanical Revolution

Science is opening a whole new world in terms of health benefits from plants. While corporate inspired regulators, and the medical profession have seemed less then exited about people trying to improve their health with plants, it seems that other corporate elements are in a hurry to cash in from the trend.

“Botanicals, the bioactive components of herbs, spices and other plants in either powdered, extracted or other forms, promise to take advantage of substances that have potential benefits while they do not qualify as nutrients.

Plant chemicals – phytochemicals – garner attention because they are viewed as untapped sources of energy and health benefits. There are only three energy-yielding macronutrients — proteins, fats, and carbohydrates — and only a handful of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, all of which are dietary essentials. But the number of plant-derived chemicals that could yield health benefits is vast and yet to be completely discovered.”


3 thoughts on “Botanical Revolution

  1. Emmanuel

    I’m thinking about taking prohormones, do you think this is good idea for
    advanced bodybuilder like me? People are satisfied with
    the results after prohormones cycles, just google for – prohormones factory – worth a try?

    1. pasiarasola Post author

      Personally there is one pro hormone that i hav3 been taking, and ive been very satisfied. Its pine pollen tincture, which i make by myself. To my best understanding body builders would want to take pro hormones, and take something like stinging nettle root to stop conversion to estrogen, and take something like cistanche to produce the lh signal which calls for endogenous testosteroine production. Anyway thats just of the top of my head, i will read a bit more and comment again.

    2. pasiarasola Post author

      First I thought pro hormones were precursors to hormones, I read on the subject, and realized my mistake.
      Most of the sites warning about pro hormones, are warning about the impact on the liver, while most companies advertizing new prohormones claim that their products are liver friendly. The nature of the pro hormone market, however, is possibly trecharous.
      In the west hormones were banned because of political pressure after athletetes were caught doping. Medical organizations were against banning hormones, and predicted that problems would increase in the black market, as has been the case. Pro hormones evolved to by-pass legistlation, so the prohormone market moves fast. On one side the products seem to work, on the other, there is no long term user data to fall back on. Its impossible to give definate answers on their long term effects.
      Just like with hormones you would need something to stop excess test form switching to estrogen (medicine or a herb like nettle root), and would benefit from something like cistanche which fools the body, so test production is not stopped based on serum test levels. You’ll still need to do cycles etc.
      I know a health food dealer in Finland who makes herbal mixes for an olympic level martial artist. This athlete has a background in hormones, but finds the herbal mixtures to be more effective. If your interested I can email you the herbalists contacts, and he will likely be able to advise you on natural alternatives.
      I recently saw an article where dosing on holy basil boosted athletes test levels beyond levels achievable by hormones…
      I advised a friend who was preparing for MMA competitions (and wanted hormones) to give it a try and he stopped because he was so scared by the results. I’m planning to make a holy basil pesto to share with some athletes, to get a wider idea on its effectiveness.
      I will start preparing an article here on natural sports boosters.
      Hope this helps!


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