Let’s Go!

Hi! I’m 36y old, and I used to think I was healthy. As a kid I spent a period of intense practice in Martial arts, when older, I used to jog in the mornings because it helped me stay focused at work. I came to Thailand a decade ago, and have practically done no exercise, even short trips are done with scooters, and no one walks. I’ve been smoking, eating unhealthy food at irregular times, and generally paying health no attention.

Fukushima got me worrying about all that radiation, but all my friends in Finland just laughed, and said: ‘drink more chaga’. I didn’t even know what chaga was! A moment on Google, had me ready to order.
I got powdered chaga from my friends, and started drinking it. I wasn’t expecting to notice much, but I was quickly impressed by a few things: 1. I used to drink coffee till my lower back felt uncomfortable, suddenly the toxic signs coffee brought up disappeared. 2. My blood sugar used to be all over the place, suddenly it was calm, allowing me to focus longer, and be more productive at work. 3. I had been suffering from an ulcer for years, and it disappeared without a trace. Finally, in the next months I realized that I had changed from the sickly one in the house, to the only one who didn’t fall ill.

trying chaga got me started, I suddenly felt healthy, and I wanted more. I purchased a bicycle, which I use for all of my Bangkok commuting, I even found friends to go on longer trips for, and instantly my energy levels responded. I took my bike to Laos for a week of riding, and the more I rode, the better I felt.

Finally, a present from Erkki Palviainen opened my eyes to other super foods; he sent me some cordyceps, pine pollen, and reishi. The cordyceps and pine pollen changed my bike trips, it became almost impossible to get exhausted, and recovery was almost instant. I kept them as valuable treasures, only using them when extra performance was in order.

All this got me reading, and often struggling with the quality information I encountered. I felt like there were multiple scenes producing information. Science on supplements is advancing fast, but its quite hard to find quality explanations on the science. Ancient systems of health, like TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), and ayurdvedic medicine have vast knowledge in combining herbs, but availability and language are problems, even if one were able to develop the necessary conceptual frameworks to approach the issue. Finally there are the alternative health crowds, who borrow selectively from science and tradition, but rarely seem to understand either.
Emergenthealth then, will also aim to contribute to these ends: Get scientists to explain the research and what it means, and ask practitioners of the traditional systems to give their views on the subjects. We’ll be doing a bunch of research on our posts, looking for original sources where possible.


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